Team Awards

Each Year, the Master's team awards three individuals with status for their outstanding performance in different categories. Centered around extra effort, oarsmanship, and learning new skills; those who earn these honors are putting in the extra time to help themselves and their teammates become better at this sport shared by all. 


Above & Beyond

Taking responsibility to get things done, contribute to the betterment of the team, and providing the moral support for all, this person provides the glue that helps keep the club and it's rowers functioning and happy all year long.


Sweeps & Sculls

For performance on the water with power, technique, and results. This person demonstrates how to push themselves and others to achieve their own best, and bring the boats they are in to the next level.


Top Novice

Representing the best effort and improvement from a novice rower in their first year, this award can only be earned the first year someone joins NORC.

Past Winners

2021 - Max Mackendrick
2020 - Drew Remson
2019 - Adelia DeMarsico

2021 - Colleen Kohrs
2020 - Mary Johns
2019 - 
Abby Ross

2021 - Mike Crimmins
2020 - Andrew Merlino
2019 - Max Lasky