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Junior Rowing - Grades 8-12

Join the NORC Junior Team! Open to Grades 8-12

  • Where:

    • Boathouse: Bayou St. John (5958 St. Bernard Ave, New Orleans, LA 70122)

    • Indoor Workouts: 5212 S. Claiborne Ave, New Orleans, LA 70115

  • What:

    • Fun, team environment

    • Rowing and strength training

    • Local and regional competitions

    • No experience necessary!

  • When:

    • Fall season: August through November​

    • Winter season: December through February

    • Spring season: February through May

    • Practice days/times each season vary. Typical schedule is evenings 2-4 nights per week and Saturday mornings. See seasonal updates below for details.

  • Our club includes Junior athletes from many different schools. Don't see your school in the list below? Join our team!

    • Bauhaus​

    • Ben Franklin

    • Country Day

    • De La Salle

    • Dominican

    • Harmony

    • Holy Cross

    • Home School

    • Lake Forest

    • McGehee

    • Mount Carmel

    • Newman

    • NOCCA

    • North Shore

    • Sacred Heart

    • Waldorf

    • Willow School

Spring 2024 Information:

The Spring Season focuses on Sprint racing from 1000-2000m distances. We have Varsity and Junior Varsity teams to help athletes focus on the level of commitment and benefits they are looking for. 

Cost: $850 for Varsity & $425 for JV

Practice times: 

Varsity : Monday Water 4:30-6:30, Tuesday Erg 4:30-6:30, Wednesday Erg 4:30-7:00, Thursday Water 4:30-7:00, Saturday Water 9-11

JV: Monday Erg 4:30-6:30 OR 5:30-7:30, Tuesday Water 5:30-7:30, Thursday Erg 5:30-7:30, Saturday Water 9-11

Varsity Requirements & Commitments: (No minimum for JV rowers)

No more than 5 absences for practice

- Be available to attend SE Regionals 
- Minimum erg score splits as seen below.

 - Men U19

        - 2K @ 1:53

 - Women U19

        - 2K @ 2:08

 - Men U17

        - 2K @ 1:56

 - Women U17

        - 2K @ 2:11


Feb 15th: Parents Orientation, 7pm, TBD Location.

Feb 17th: Start of Spring Season practices

March 10th: Parents Meeting, 5:30ishpm, ErgoFit

March 17th: Junior LA State Champs @Natchitoches, LA (ALL TEAM)
April 20th: Bayou St. John Regatta @Home (ALL TEAM)

Apr 27th-28th: Dogwood Junior Championship, @Oak ridge, TN. (Select Athletes)

May 4th: Pensaolca Scrimmage @Home (ALL TEAM)

May 11th-12th: Southeast Regional Championship, @Sarasota, FL (Select Athletes)

May 18th: Last Practice of the Season (ALL TEAM)
May 22nd: NORC Gala


Jun 6th-9th: Nationals @Sarasota, FL (Invitational)

Fall 2024 Information:

Fall features longer training pieces and longer races (5000meters) and is the foundation for building technique and a strong base for spring season. We have Varsity and Junior Varsity teams to help athletes focus on the level of commitment and benefits they are looking for. 

Cost: TBD

Practice times: TBD

Varsity Requirements & Commitments:

No more than 5 absences for practice

- Be available to attend either/both of Music City OR Head of the Charles, as well as Head of the Hooch

- Minimum erg score splits as seen belowNo minimum for JV rowers:

 - Men U19

        - 6K @ 2:00 OR

        - 5K @ 1:56

 - Women U19

        - 6K @ 2:15 OR

        - 5K @ 2:10

 - Men U17

        - 5K @ 2:00

 - Women U17

        - 5K @ 2:15

Cost: TBD

Practices: TBD


Late August: Start of Fall Season practices (ALL TEAM)

Sep TBD: Pensacola Scrimmage, @Pensacola, FL (ALL TEAM)

Oct TBD: Bayou St. John Regatta @Home, (ALL TEAM)
Oct 18th-20th: Head of the Charles, @Boston, MA (Select Athletes)

Oct 26th: Music City Regatta, @Nashville, TN (ALL TEAM)

Nov 1st-3rd: Head of the Hooch, @Chattanooga, TN (ALL TEAM)

Nov 5th: Last Practice of the Season

Winter 2024-25 Information:

Erg Sessions Indoors at the Erg Room. Five days a week of coached sessions in the evenings and weekends. Two hours long with a focus on form, function, and fitness. 

Cost: TBD

Practice times: TBD

Where: 5212 S. Claiborne Ave, New Orleans, LA 70115


Dec 2nd - Start of Winter Training

Dec 15th - Santa Row

Feb 2nd - Indoor Rowing Championships (ALL TEAM, included in registration fee)

Feb 6th - End of Winter training

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