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Formed in 1987, the New Orleans Rowing Club is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization run solely by volunteers. NORC offers novice, club and masters programs in sweep rowing and sculling. As of 2015, NORC is located at the Frederick J. King Boathouse on Bayou St. John, at the Vistas Shores Assisted Living Center grounds.


The New Orleans Rowing Club (NORC) is committed to promoting interest, development, advancement and activity in the sport of rowing. NORC is a volunteer-directed, non-profit, educational organization offering rowing instruction for people of all ages and skill levels, sculling and sweep, from novices to juniors to masters, and from the casual to the obsessed! NORC offers the benefits of the recreational and competitive rowing-discipline, camaraderie, fitness, and the knowledge of water safety. We are a community bound together by our appreciation for this unique institution, our devotion to the sport and our love for the great Bayou St. John!


Please do not send any payments to this address.

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