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Contact us for Adaptive Rowing Opportunities

The New Orleans Rowing Club is officially offering adaptive/para-rowing opportunities. Join us as an individual or bring a group you are connected with to start rowing. 


Currently offering:

1) Individual one-on-one rowing with a Certified Inclusive Fitness Trainer and Assistive Technology Professional on the water to assess any tailored equipment needs, gain proficiency, increase confidence in rowing and/or train to race. This is also a great way to get started before joining our inclusive programs.

2) Learn-to-Row event. This is an opportunity to offer rowing to a group you are involved with for a scheduled 1.5-2hr period. During this time we can cater to your groups specific needs for accommodated equipment and coaching. 

3) Weekend camp opportunities that can be set up for groups, programs, organizations, or schools. These can be scheduled specifically to get your group out on the water a few times rather than have a one-time rowing experience. 


What is Adaptive Rowing? 

It is rowing for people with any need for adjusted or specialized equipment, coaching techniques, or a different approach to the rowing stroke. This can include people with visual impairment, physical disabilities (MS, Spina Bifida, CP, SCI, Amputation, TBI...etc), mental disabilities, hidden disabilities, intellectual disabilities, or people who identify as deaf or hard of hearing. 


What is Para-Rowing?

Para-rowing is rowing for people who are eligible for PR1, PR2, or PR3 classification under FISA regulations and who may be eligible to train for the Paralympics. This includes people with physical disabilities and people with visual impairment. 

Upcoming Events:

  • SE Masters Regionals

  • Bayada Regatta

  • First Coast Head Race

  • Head of the Hooch

Thank you to the Numotion Foundation for seed funding for the NORC Adaptive Program.

Interested?> Head over to our contact page to reach out to the club. 

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