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Head of the Colorado (Pumpkinhead Regatta)

The NORC junior team traveled to Austin, Texas last weekend to compete at the Head of the Colorado (also known as the Pumpkinhead Regatta). NORC entered high school athletes in the Junior Men's Novice 4x, Junior Men's 2x (2 entries), and the Junior Women's Rec 1x, while the coaches raced in the Men's Masters 1x (A) and the Mixed Open 2x. The whole event went smoothly, and everyone had a blast! For a full list of results, click here.

*** Come out and support the Junior team at the Junior Fall Time Trials on Bayou St. John! The event will feature 800m sprint races, showcasing the progress the Juniors have made this season. Saturday, November 12th at 9am! ***

Race recap:

Junior Men's Novice 4x (Bennett, Peter, Connor, Brennan)

This was the first rowing race ever for all of the junior athletes on the trip, but you would never know it when you watched them row by! The coaches were delighted to watch the 4x race by the viewing area (roughly 4k into the race) looking strong, focused, and clean. They were even more delighted to realize that they passed two boats during the first 4k of the head race. The 4x came in 9th overall, beating 4 boats!

Junior Men's 2x (Bennett and Brennan / Connor and Peter)

As soon as the 4x docked, all four athletes had to hot seat into 2xs and head straight back to the start line. Although tired, both 2xs managed to make it to the start line and complete the race. This was a great test of endurance, as rowing 2 5k races (plus having to row a 5k up to the start line each time) is quite a feat for novice rowers on their first regatta day. Including the 5am row from Austin Rowing Club (where NORC borrowed boats from) to the race course, the junior boys rowed around 15 miles!

Junior Women's Rec 1x (Ally)

For a novice rower who has never raced before, it can be quite daunting to set out for a head race all alone in a 1x, but Ally conquered her nerves and made the coaches proud! Rowing NORC's brand new Maas Aero training single, Ally rowed a beautiful race! She looked confident, technical, and quick as she passed the viewing area, and finished the race with a smile on her face!

Men's Master's 1x A (Michael)

Michael had a great race despite facing a few obstacles. In an unfamiliar 1x borrowed from Austin Rowing Club, he rowed up to the start to find that the race had started without him! Luckily, the regatta officials still timed him and he managed to beat out some of his 1x competitors, despite racing among 8+s. Great job Michael!

Mixed Open 2x (Hannah and John)

Hannah and John, who got married 2 weeks ago, had their first race as a married couple! Coming in 2nd place in the Mixed 2x, John and Hannah were pleased with their results and look forward to hunting down 1st place next year.

Check out pics from the Regatta (Credit to Bennett Faust's Father)

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