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NORC Time Trials III

Another great turnout for the NORC Time Trials! The conditions were beautiful and many course records were claimed. We also had a great end-of-Summer BBQ, hosted by the Karp Family, so thank you to everyone who came out! Check out all our great race pics (by Christina Schneider) below, and make sure to join us on the water this Fall as we prepare for the Head of the Colordao (aka Pumpkinhead Regatta) in Austin, Texas.

Results (Age Adjusted):


Andrew Seymour (4:09)

Mathew Seymour (4:38)

Dominic Fayard (4:05)

John Persons (3:25)

Michael Merwin (3:28)

Drew Duncan (4:37)

Brennan Suffern (4:12)

Kevin Thompson (4:10.7)

Noel Torres (3:47)

Danny Sullivan (5:22)


Dominic Fayard & Brennan Suffern (3:40)

Claire Heidel & Drew Duncan (3:50 & 3:58)

Brennan Suffern & Noel Torres (3:25)

Claire Heidel & Sofia Rodriguez (4:13)

Andrew Seymour & Mathew Seymour (4:04)

Roberto Rodriguez & Kevin Thompson (3:33.4)

Ben Karp & John Persons (3:41)

Hannah Walker & John Huppi (3:22)


Andrew Seymour, Mathew Seymour, Dominic Fayard, Brennan Suffern (3:54)

Training 1X

Joey Devall (4:56.4)

Danny Sullivan (5:03)

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